Complete your project 33% faster, and save 6% versus general contracting*

Our experience has shown that the best path to a successful project is an integrated team of architecture, engineering, and construction professionals that leverages the talents, experience, and insights of all participants. The Sordoni Design-Build approach emphasizes transparency, communication, and knowledge sharing to deliver to the owner a better, faster, less costly, and less adversarial construction project.

The key advantages of engaging Sordoni as your Design-Build partner include:

An important first step of the Sordoni Design-Build solution is the completion of a Project Feasibility Study.  This study enables the Sordoni team and the Owner to work together to define critical project parameters: scope, design concept, land development requirements, budget and schedule. With these key project parameters defined, clients can make decisive go / no-go decisions for their projects.  This process also jumpstarts the preconstruction and construction phases of the project so they proceed smoothly and efficiently.

 Contact us today to initiate your Project Feasibility Study, and start your project off right.

 “Sordoni has found a great niche; you have put together a great team from the architects and engineers to the subcontractors performing the work.  Quality, Safety, Timely…“- Charlie Kasko, Wyoming Valley Motors Director of Fixed Operations and Construction Liaison

*Construction Industry Institute (CII)/Penn State Study – Comparison of US Project Delivery Systems