Children’s Service Center Prepares for the Future

On December 15th Sordoni and Children’s Service Center officials broke ground for a new 17,622 SF outpatient clinic that will house physician offices, a pharmacy and other services.  The project also includes the renovation of a 9,769 SF  century-old existing outpatient clinic that houses psychiatric, psychological services and counseling.  Children’s Service Center serves about 6,000 children and it is anticipated that number will grow in the coming years.  The newly renovated facility will integrate health care and pharmaceutical services into a “one-stop service center”, employ 30 additional staff and will be beneficial for the children and families served. Quad3 is the architect for the project and Sordoni is the construction manager with Tom Medura as Project Manager, Stan Wycoski as Superintendent and Janet Skibinski as Project Administrative Assistant.

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