Saint Jude Parish New Church

updated_exterSt. Jude Parish is one step closer to realizing their dream of a new home. Ground breaking was held on Saturday, May 14th, to celebrate the beginning of construction of the new church. The current building, which was founded in 1953, holds 530 parishioners. The new church will hold over 800. The construction of the new 19,550 SF church began in June and is scheduled to be completed in August 2017. The existing church and parish administration office will remain operational until the new church is completed and will then be demolished to provide for additional parking. Sacred art and stained glass were salvaged from the existing church and parish administration center. These items, along with furnishings from other recently-closed Diocesan churches, will be reused as part of the new facility. Although the project will not be LEED certified, the design incorporates energy-saving conservation measures and many environmentally-friendly attributes.


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