Justin Heffner, Safety Director

Justin Heffner joined Sordoni back in 2008 and celebrated his 10 year anniversary on August 18th.  He is focused on ensuring a safe work environment by enforcing safety regulations and policies not only at our job sites but  in the office as well.  A typical work day for Justin begins with arriving in the office each morning between 7:00 and 7:30 AM where he fields phone calls and emails from subcontractors and the crews in the field.  Then he’s off to visiting job sites, sometimes multiple sites in one day, to conduct safety audits.

 5 Interesting Things you may not know about Justin:

  1. He started working at the age of 12 and has not been without a job since.
  2. When asked if he could learn to do anything what would it be, his response was “FLY…and land.”
  3. Justin describes himself as “trustworthy, honest (sometimes too honest) and pleasantly sarcastic.”
  4. He enjoys spending time outdoors.  Being surrounded by nature helps him decompress.
  5. If he could be anyone in the world for one day he would probably choose to be himself at the age of 18 to re-evaluate and tell his younger self what is truly important in life.

The most rewarding part of Justin’s job is ensuring that all Sordoni employees and subcontractors are in compliance with our safety program, there are no injuries, and at the end of each day everyone returns home to their families safe and sound.


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